Kasumi Knives – Damascus Steel, HM, Kuro, VG10 Pro and Titanium Kasumi Knives
Kasumi Knives – Kasumi Knives are produced in Seki the home of Japanese knife and sword manufacture.

Kasumi Damascus Steel Knives – Forged knives with blades folded 32 times during manufacture to produce superb blades displaying the characteristic pattern of Damascus steel.
Kasumi Titanium Knives – Titanium-coated vanadium/molybdenum knives with blades in two colours.
Kasumi HM Knives – Hammered steel blade with a VG10 core. Comfortable ergonomic handles.
Kasumi Kuro Knives – Damascus blades with 32 layers. Hammered finish. Octagonal-shaped handle.
Kasumi VG-10 Pro KnivesSolid VG10 metal blades with Marble effect antibacterial handle.

Kasumi HM Hammered Knives (10)

Kasumi Knives Damask Steel (12)

Kasumi Titanium Coated Steel Knives (13)

Kasumi VG-10 Pro Knives (10)