SKK Pans and Cookware

SKK Pans – Premium Plus and Induction Pans
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SKK Premium Plus Pans
heavy duty aluminium pans with titanium non-stick coating and extra thick base.

SKK Induction Pans – latest version of the SKK non-stick range incorporates a magnetic induction base for use on the latest induction hobs.

SKK Pans – Exceptional Non Stick Pans – Made In Germany – Recommended by Delia Smith

SKK Diamond 3000 Plus Pans (8)

SKK Induction Light Pans (17)

SKK Professional Pans (1)

SKK Titanium 2000 Plus Light Pans (16)

SKK Titanium 2000 Plus Non-Stick Pans (24)

SKK Induction Non-stick Pans (42)